Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Meditation CD!


$14.95 for one...
2 for $25.00
3 or more: $10.00 ea.

Experience the power of being guided on a walk through the WFS 13 Statements. You will be led through a series of visualizations that will strengthen your understanding of each affirmation. After this session it will be easy to apply the statements to your own life. You will receive a visual treasure to associate with each of the foundational statements of WFS and the New Life Program. Your life will be Transformed!

Recorded by Ginger Rathert.  Ginger joined WFS shortly after she began her final sobriety 2 and a half years ago. In her professional life, before she retired, she was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She holds a BS and an MA in Counseling. She received specialized training in advanced hypnotherapy, which she utilized in her practice. She began doing guided meditations when her son was a toddler as she put him to bed and "floated him on a cloud". Now she floats her 2 grandchildren when she babysits them. Ginger has led many women's retreats in her community, was a popular speaker and has done group guided meditations on many topics and at many venues. She, her husband of over 40 years, 3 Golden Retrievers, 3 cats and 3 horses live in Texas. 

[Length: 1 hour; recorded in spring 2017]

Monday's Message ~ Statements 7 & 10



The following quotes came from our Friday night opening ceremony at the WFS Annual Conference….

“I am learning that I am lovable.”  -Margie

“I have gotten my self-respect back.”  -Pat

“WFS has given me the thread of connection…”  -Jen

“Lean into the healing…”  -Val

“I am worthy of love for who I am.”  -Leslie

“I have been given the hand of hope.”  -Julie 

Statement #7, “Love can change the course of my world.”  Caring becomes all important.
Statement #10, “All love given returns.”  I will learn to know that others love me.
+ Karen’s Perspective +
        Love.  Four little letters of the alphabet, yet this simple word is filled with unlimited meaning, emotion, and action.  Love can be indescribable, and invigorating, life-saving and life-changing.  Love can reach into the darkest of corners and illuminate the spirit, promote kindness, facilitate healing and embody trust.  Love brought us together this past weekend; love for ourselves with New Life, love for our tribe of 4C sisters and the love of living life as it is…........perfectly imperfect as our wonderful presenter “.O” reminds us.
        The theme for Conference 2017 is “All Love given returns” and love did return in countless ways.  Friday night opened as always, connecting and listening to women share from their hearts, their truths, and their love.  On Saturday morning, our keynote speaker, Carolyn Zahner, shared her spirit, strength and love and encouraged each of us as we delve deeper into New Life.  There was something for everyone this year with the workshops; art journaling, guided meditation, daily thrive, recovery and relapse tips, acknowledging what is, and lastly, yet so important, applying the WFS Statements to everyday life.
        Saturday evening, we paid tribute to Dee, our outgoing President, for her dedication and passion for WFS.  Words cannot express the gratitude for her leadership, direction and influence.  Dee has touched countless lives and is an illustrious and living example of “All love given returns.”  Teddy’s Challenge was wildly popular this year, especially with the drawings for actual teddy bears.  The auction, our major fundraiser, brought out handmade treasures, one of a kind items, and beautiful jewelry to bid on as well as your Program sustaining cash, checks and credit cards.  Shouts of joy could be heard as women secured the highest bid for new treasures to take home or share with one another.
        In-between all the goings on, were new and renewed friendships, laughter, tears, hugs and happiness.  Mealtime was an opportunity to learn about each other, and throughout the dorms the sounds of the tribe would become a whisper as the sun set on the horizon.  Sunday began with yoga and a WFS meeting and then it was time to close our weekend.  Becky presented our closing ceremony with “Women and Recovery: Caring becomes all important.”  Soon after, bags were packed, goodbyes said, and hugs were given…….until next year….  Hugzzz, Karen

+  Member Insights  +
Hi 4C Women,
        I certainly felt the love all weekend!  After 27 years on the WFS Board of Directors and becoming a certified moderator in 1989, I have been privileged to be part of an organization that has changed my life in such a positive way and empowered me to be the 4C woman I never dreamed I could be.  Leaving the board was extremely emotional as I have met so many competent and compassionate women who gave and give selflessly to WFS.  I just love their enthusiasm and how hard they work to assure that WFS will be available to every woman who reaches out for support and encouragement for years to come!  The need for volunteers is crucial and I saw many women willing to be a part of volunteer teams - so exciting.
        The conference ended with a video of Jean Kirkpatrick doing a presentation that took place in 1991 at the YWCA in Ridgewood, NJ.  I was taken aback for a moment when my image came on the screen as I introduced Jean.  Seeing myself so many years ago, it made me reflect on how a video might look today if I had not found WFS.  I am so grateful that I did.
        Karen described the conference weekend so eloquently and I can only add that my heart is full and I am one of the most blessed women to have so much joy and love in my life.  I will continue to moderate a group and be part of the f2f volunteer team as that is my greatest love in WFS - the privilege of watching women grow emotionally and spiritually through the WFS program.
        How can you show your love for WFS?  What talents and skills can you share?  It is all about paying it forward.  I hope you’ll consider joining one of our 6 volunteer teams, become a group moderator or online chat leader, attend meetings to support those moderators/chat leaders who willingly and lovingly spend time and energy to help others because they care, encourage others to attend a WFS meeting who need a positive approach to recovery and share the love wherever you can and with all of your heart.  You are the one who can truly make a difference - big or small - you are the 4C woman whose love can change the course of your world and others who need to know they matter.  Love, Dee

WFS Volunteer Opportunities Form:

 Or Click Here to fill it out online.
Thank you!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Monday's Message ~ Statement #11


“Enthusiasm is as infectious as a new viral strain.  Let one woman in a room have it and everyone gets it.  It spreads freely, never caring who gets it or what the results might be.”  Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., WFS Founder

“If you have enthusiasm, you have a very dynamic, effective companion to travel with you on the road to Somewhere.”  -Loretta Young

“Enthusiasm is a form of social courage.”  -Gretchen Rubin

Statement #11, “Enthusiasm is my daily exercise.”  I treasure all moments of my new life.

+ Karen’s Perspective +
        Over one hundred competent women will be making their way towards Pennsylvania this week for our annual WFS Conference.  Some of the items that I will be packing are the little treasures that I have been collecting over the past year to donate to our auction, a comfy pair of walking shoes and of course, a heaping helping of enthusiasm!
        While it is easy to practice Statement #11 in advance of such an exciting event, I find it more challenging when facing obstacles or uncertainty.  It is in these moments that I can choose to affirm treasures found in sobriety and recovery; such as feelings of contentment, clarifying insight and deepening understanding.  It is these seemingly little pieces that when linked together, lay a sturdy foundation for continuing recovery and beautiful new life.
        Although some women will not be able to attend Conference this year, this can be a great time to begin planning for next year.  Maybe conference is not for you, but you support WFS in other ways; financially, by volunteering your time/talents or by regularly attending online/f2f meetings.  Enthusiasm is powerful, filled with energy and passion and it can move mountains.  In our Program Booklet, Jean states “Learn to be enthusiastic about everything.  Find something to be enthusiastic about in everything.  It is there, just for the looking.”
What does enthusiasm mean to you?
Hugzzz, Karen

+  Member Insights  +
Hi 4C Women,
        I am looking forward to the conference as well and I would also encourage anyone who didn’t plan on going this year to start giving great consideration for next year.  I love seeing friends I’ve known for years and meeting new women who are thriving with the tools of the WFS program.  The workshops are fantastic and full of useful and practical information besides inspiring!
        The 2nd part of Statement 11, “I treasure ‘all’ moments of my new life” has always been a bit challenging for me.  However, I do, without a single doubt, treasure my New Life.  There is no way I could have handled many of the dark times without the knowledge I have gained in sobriety through WFS.  Just knowing that my emotional growth and insight to work through, or at least sit in, the pain until it passes, is something I could not have done without having a drink to numb my feelings.  Now I know this pain won’t last forever and I plan on being here long after the pain is gone and to be sober through it.  That is where I gain strength, learn patience and resiliency.  Not easy by any means, but possible.  And most importantly, I am not alone.  Before, I isolated myself and that only increased the feeling of being the only one alone and suffering.  As difficult as it is for most of us, seeking support, encouragement and even real help, is what the women in WFS offer.
        Last week when our group discussed Statement 6, Life can be ordinary or it can be great, there was an exercise on applying that statement that I believe could also apply to Statement 11.  Here it is - Stop yourself at random times throughout your day, maybe setting a reminder alarm on your cell phone or computer, and ask yourself, “What is great about what I am doing right now?”  To apply this to Statement 11, ask yourself what can you treasure about that moment.  If you have a problem identifying that, use your 5 senses.  I think the idea of being in the moment and really reflecting on that moment is a great way to practice, feel enthusiastic and treasure this wonderful New Life you are creating.--WFS Member

Come and Join Us at the WFS Conference Next Year!
June 8, 9, & 10, 2018
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Teddy's Challenge Fundraiser - Teddy Bear Drawing!

“Getting Stuffed” 

Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. 

Recently a friend gave me a book of Eda Le Shan’s essays for my birthday present (I Want More Of Everything) and after reading them, I realized that Eda and I must be about the same age, because the events she portrayed in her life were part of my own experience.  Later I learned that we are just 2 years apart in age. 

One essay in particular was very, very interesting, because the whole idea of it was overcoming loneliness and even grief – “We Need Stuffed Animals”.  Le Shan tells about attending her mother’s funeral and then going back to her hotel room where she had a stuffed baby seal she had bought for her niece.  As she began to cry, she picked up the stuffed baby seal and hugged it as she rocked back and forth in her grief and aloneness. 

This reminded me of the many stuffed animals I’ve bought over the years for my little friends and how inviting they seemed.  Strangely enough, I can’t recall having any in my childhood, but I surely must have had.  I remember dolls almost the same size as myself, but they just don’t take the place of stuffed animals, do they? 

The older we get the fewer hugs we get, so cuddly stuffed animals should have a part in our lives.  It is never too late to hug a person or a stuffed animal.  As Le Shan points out, no litter box and no veterinary bills! 

Right after reading this essay, my friend Paula and her little girl gave me an Easter basket that included a very nice size bunny rabbit -- at least 5” by 10”.  Even without holding it, this stuffed rabbit is comforting merely by the expression on its face. 

I think that during our inevitable periods of loneliness and grief, we should go on a stuffed animal spending spree.  There are times when just talking to someone else, no matter how sympathetic and empathetic they might be, a conversation is not really what we need.  This is a time of a hugging-need and we should try to recognize this.  Too often we adults see “things” in categories – “stuffed animals are for children and not adults.”  This is the kind of thinking we must change.  We should be able to use the peace and serenity that comes from stuffed animals at any period in our life. 

So here’s to stuffed animals.

I’m off to hug my bunny rabbit and I don’t care who knows it!
From Becky Fenner, WFS Director: Here’s to the CLASS OF 2017! Everyone who contributed towards the 2017 Teddy’s Challenge Fundraiser and wished to be in the Drawing had a chance to win adopt one of these donated bears. The special Teddy Bear (made by TeddyBear herself!) with the Butterfly T-Shirt will go to the person who contributed the most!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

5 Signs You are Ready for a Tune Up

2017 WFS Conference Presentation: 

The Daily Thrive Practice:
Nourishment for Driven Women 

By Karlee Fain, Celebrity Health and Life Coach, Author 

If you are attending – here are some highlights! 

5 Signs You are Ready for a Tune Up:  How successful women leverage self-care to get what they really want.

You know it’s time for a tune up when….. 

-You stay up late at night, as it’s the only time you fine “me time” after a full day of leading your life and career, and it’s messing with your sleep. 

-You find yourself snapping at loved ones, even though no one’s forcing you to do all that you do at home. 

-You have recurring headaches or other perplexing symptoms that you used to be able to “get by” with, and now nothing seems to work. 

-You have plenty of good work to do, but somehow you feel secretly resentful about it. 

-When bedtime rolls around you are simultaneously tired, but wired, and your mind races so you end up scrolling around on your phone, or watch TV until you conk out. 

Somehow, all of these symptoms of being burnt out have become our social norm. 

You might even make jokes about them, or secretly beat yourself up about it, but really they are signs that you are ready to evolve. 

These symptoms are not here to just annoy you or make you think you’re crazy. 

They actually are a sign to go within and come home to yourself. 

That desire you have for something to be different doesn’t mean you’re messed up or ungrateful for what you have, it makes you ready. 

You see, we are shifting into a new world economy and political system, and so much is changing. 

You’re not the only one who is suddenly finding that mindsets that worked at the start of your career like “no pain no gain” or “you can rest when you’re dead”, just don’t apply anymore. 

In fact, these outdated scripts based in the industrial revolution days are the exact things preventing you from enjoying everything that you worked so hard to cultivate. 

What’s required for you to truly thrive going forward is for you to be operating on all full cylinders:  Your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual practices and relationships need to evolve to keep you happy, sane and making your biggest contribution in your work. 

You simply can’t do and be all that you can be when your baseline foundation is not up to snuff. 

Before you go changing your career or thinking something’s wrong with your client base, or your spouse (ha!) first upgrade YOUR BASE. 

Your base is, again, your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual inner game and quality relationships. 

When this is operating well, it makes everything so much easier, more pleasant and dare I say it, pleasurable to deal with.  Be it your company, deciding on your next move and even family matters too. 

And here’s the thing, if you’ve gotten this far into this article, I already know something about you:  you are a driven woman. 

You are working hard and like to learn and grow.  You know what that means?  It means you don’t have to work harder to have what you want next, you are already doing enough. 

What will get you to the next level isn’t doing more – you already do plenty.  What will allow you to really thrive is upgrading your self-care, and beginning to leverage that as part of your business strategy. 

The good news: self-care isn’t an all or nothing game.  You don’t need to suddenly dedicate 1 hour each day to do yoga, meditate, journal, take a walk and become a Zen master.

Shavawn is a great example of that.

Despite appearing happy in her long-term career as the head nurse in a busy hospital, Shavawn, a client that gave me permission to tell her story, was secretly struggling 2 years ago.  She suffered from chronic headaches, fatigue, mood swings, depression and had put on an extra 40lbs.  And forget about having a social life, if she wasn’t at work she was home, sleeping and binge eating after not having time to get a meal between patients.

Shavawn thought her problem was that she was 40lbs overweight, making her feel like a fraud because she was telling her patients to eat better.  But to me, it was clear as day that nothing was wrong with her.

But what was broken was her daily thrive practice – a daily check in where she made sure her own needs were met.

So we started there, refilling her mental, physical and emotional wells, and connecting her to other like-minded people that could lift her up as well as she lifted everyone else.
Within weeks of us working together, she stopped getting headaches, had more energy than ever, landed her dream job traveling the world and when I spoke to her recently, she had lost about 45lbs without ever dieting.

There was no secret here, no magic, no fancy programs or expensive diets.  We just set out to take small steps each week that made sure Shavawn was nourished deeply on every level, and with that kind of nourishment, her confidence and energy levels soared, and making decisions that helped her thrive became second nature again.
So what about you?  I bet you can think of a few things you could do that would refill your well, a walk around the block, slowly sip a cup of tea, call an uplifting friend.

Pick something that would be easy to skip in favor of sending one more email (because there will always be one more email) and start there.  Just 5-10 minutes a day makes a profound difference in shifting the tide back in your favor.  Indeed it’s how Shavawn started, it’s how all of us women that thrive start.

The world has plenty of worker-bees, what it really needs is women with the courage to not burn themselves to the ground, but rather stay in the game for the long-haul, and go all the way.
And that requires you to leverage self-care as the business strategy that sets you apart from everyone running in circles on the hamster wheel, and allows you to lead by thriving example.

So what would bring you a sense of nourishment right now?  Take 5 minutes.  Begin.

NOTE:  If you are attending the WFS Conference this June, I look forward to leading a session around exactly this topic on June 10, 2017.  Together we will create a custom plan that gives you the time and tools to fill your well and allow you to thrive moving forward.  And if you don’t want to wait to get started, be in touch with me here:  http://www.everybodythrive.com/start-here

About the author:  Karlee Fain is a Celebrity Health & Life Coach and author.  She blends soul with science, helping driven women get clear, focused and to the next level in their career, health and relationships (without turning your world of business upside down).  http://www.everybodythrive.com/

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